Family picture of the 2016 award winners

Nacho Fresneda, Francesca Piñón, Javier Olivares and Mar Saura, on behalf of El Ministerio del Tiempo

Cecilia Freire, Ondas Award for Best Female Performer

Manuel Carrasco’s arrival at the palace

Tony Aguilar, Ondas Award for Best Radio Host

Roger Coma and Margalida Grimalt, of the Les Coses Grans web series

Mónica López posing just as she arrives at the palace

Actor Pedro Casablanc greeting the members of the press

Jon Sistiaga, on behalf of his programme, Tabú

Manuel Carrasco, Ondas Award winner for his concert at Seville’s Olympic Stadium

Rosa Badía, the journalist helming the “Cap Nen Sense Joguina” charity programme

Jon Sistiaga, posing before the Ondas for Tabú

Quim Masferrer, host of TV3’s El Forester, and Raimon Masllorens, the show’s executive producer

Members of the Ana Bella Foundation, which received the Jury’s Special Mention

El Mundo Today brought a touch of humour to the gala

Juan Carlos Ortega joking at the photo call

Llum Barrera, gala mirth master

Gema Hurtado and Xavi Martínez, determined not to miss the gala this year, which is LOS40’s fiftieth anniversary

Mónica Lopez, radiant in the light of the flashes

Pablo López was one of the people in charge of providing a touch of music

Pedro Casablanc, clowning about how windy Barcelona was

Actress Cristina Castaño couldn’t miss this grand event

The Podium Podcast team

Uri Sabat and Raquel Sánchez Silva, hosts of the gala

Tony Aguilar posing with his wife at the photo call

The El Ministerio del Tiempo team

The international representatives for Special Mention winner Beaux, Jeunes Monstres

Cecilia Freire looking happy before going in to collect her Ondas for Best Female Performer

Actor Miquel Fernández would never miss the Ondas Awards gala, either

Uri Sabat and Raquel Sánchez Silva, the gala’s hosts

Martín Llade recollecting his Ondas as Best Male Host

Mónica López giving thanks for her Ondas as Best Female Host

Dani Martín in his thank-you speech as Best Artist of the Year

Part of the cast of El Ministerio del Tiempo collecting their second Ondas for Best Series

Nieves Concostrinas collecting her Ondas for Best News Coverage

Manuel Carrasco with his band, giving thanks for their Ondas for Best Show

Gonzalo Sánchez-Taiz, executive general manager at McCann España, collecting the Ondas for Best Radio Agency

Miguel Bosé with his winged horse taking a short look at his career

Roger Coma in his thank-you speech for the Ondas for Best Web Series

Tony Aguilar collecting his Ondas

Xavier Sardà moments before handing the Ondas to his friend Juan Carlos Ortega

Juan Carlos Ortega in his original thank-you speech

Jon Sistiaga heading up the Tabú team to pick up the Ondas for Best Current Events Programme

The Podium Podcast team, Best On-line Radio Platform

Jesús Vázquez collecting his Ondas for Best Entertainment Programme for La Voz

Manuel Carrasco and Melendi collecting their Ondas for La Voz

The team behind TV3’s programme El Forester

Brilliant performance by Pablo López at the gala, with his song Tu enemigo

Dani Martín in his performance at the gala, singing Luis Eduardo Aute’s Las Cuatro y Diez

El Mundo Today were in charge of providing a touch of humour with their Noticieros

Manuel Carrasco performs, singing Siendo uno mismo

Miguel Bosé regaled the audience with his performance of Te amaré

Josep Maria Martí reading out the 2016 Jury’s decision

The jury chairmen, answering journalists’ questions

Group press conference, 2016 Jury’s decision

Juan Pablo Álvarez, Vicente Jiménez, Augusto Delkáder and Josep Maria Martí





ONDAS 2016